salvaged sunday

all was not a total loss this weekend>>>my sis, mom, chitlins & i ventured out for some fun shopping & then exploring…& not too mention fun halloween cookie baking & decorating…i’m so glad that we made the best of our visit & weekend despite yesterday’s fiasco at sweet street! the kids wanted to see that silo with the pumpkin head that i had posted a couple days ago…we took a country drive to the farm & had fun checking it out…
then after dinner, we all got into the halloween spirit and baked/decorated our little hearts out!
my nephew ian, he was more of a taste-tester than worker bee (he’s the little guy with the black tongue & frosting covered mouth in pic above) …he was promptly “fired” (a la donald trump style, lol) after eating about 5 cookies…

even though yesterday’s sweet street was a bust, we managed to make our own “sweet treats“…& there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that {smile}. Posted by Picasa


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  1. wow, those are some lucky chitlings you have there! what an amazing aunty you are, mary ann! it looks like you had the greatest fun in the end, and your ‘sweet street’ fiasco will be something to laugh about for years to come!
    great to see all those photo’s – I can almost hear the laughter and feel the happy atmosphere from here!

    you ROCK! 🙂

    Q xXx

  2. you’re so right suzie q! we just couldn’t stop roaring, at one point when we stopped to check out the gigantic pumpkin on the silo, i parked off the side of the road, and literally, if you took a breath and blew it to the direction of the car, i swear we thought it was going to tip over! i needed a ladder to get out of my side and you should have seen my mom, mary ann, my son and my neice all SLANTED either way down or way up in the air… in a red mini-van to boot…our tummies just ached out of laughter…my sis is one of the best aunties around and my lil’ munchkins are the luckiest bunch to have her around…she spoils them to the core but also can be as firm as a drill sergent! Best of both worlds…had such a blast…xoxo looney

  3. Aww what fun! Im gonna have to do that soon with the little ones..and what a mess that will be! 😀 a fun mess! Tell the cookie monster to have one more for me LOL

  4. What fun! what treats!

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