these darn atcs are outta my hair! i was fretting about these,but they are DONE! amen! they are due november 5th for this local atc swap i’m in at the crackerbox palace…i made 14 total (only needed to make 12, but i made 2 extras for my stash ya know what i mean?)…i have another set i’m committed to making, but this time only 6 & the theme is fall…i have an idea for this set, but i’m taking a much needed break! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. These are so sweet. Glad you’re taking that break.

  2. Whew! That wore me out just reading about it hehe! They are so cute! Love em! Loves ya too! Hugs!

  3. you are cranking the art out girl…….. Mary Ann, I am going to a vintage paper convention tomorrow… I can’t wait… I will let you know all about it when I return…

    love, angie wangie

  4. Hi. Just saying Hi I haven’t been blogging this weekend much. Hope you are well.
    Love your ATC’s and your reflections on autumn.

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