autumn inspirations

is this week’s topic for studio friday…the question posed is what do you love about fall? i’ve found this poem, simply entitled, autumn, by carice williams, which nicely sums up why i adore this time of year…autumn
autumn days are golden…
nights are velvet black…
trees and shrubs are flaming
from jack frost’s attack.

autumn walks in beauty
neath the golden sun…
leaves are playing merry tunes
ere their work is done.

autumn paints the meadows
with a magic hand’
then she spreads her beauty
over all the land.

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14 Responses

  1. I love everything about autumn! Even the word itself. Great poem and great images!

  2. Your pictures are fabulous – a really different perspective. The pumpkin chandelier is the best!

  3. Cool pictures!!

  4. wonderful poem & perfect fall pictures. thank you for posting.

  5. I love the non-traditional colors in the first photo of the leaves. And your cakes and goodies are really making me hungry!

  6. What a lovely poem! And I love your unique and interesting autumn pictures. The pumpkin chandlier is great!

  7. Great photos – love thr pumpkin on the silo, I don’t even want to think how it got there….unless maybe it is a digital trick!

  8. Wonderful photos to go with the words. I especially like the first photo with the non- autumn colours. Different twist.
    Might I ask where the decorated chandelier was found? Beautiful.

  9. Love the poem! The photos were awesome! I also love the chandelier…that is so absolutely cool..makes me wish I had one now hehe!

  10. thank you all for the lovely comments! so appreciated!

    the maple leaves i found while walking the shore of duck trap harbor recently (in maine)during low tide (hence, the rocks you see)…i thought they looked neat against the rocks…

    the pics of the chandelier & cakes were taken while i was at the country living fair a few weeks ago…the fall displays i saw there were AMAZING! it was as if you were literally walking into the magazine itself!

    & the silo with the ginormous jack o’ lantern…there is no digital trickery here>>>i happened to stop at this farm to pick up some pumpkins & mums when i looked up & saw that atop the silo! i can’t even imagine how that got up there, but i thought i’d better take a pic of it for posterity sake, lol!

    🙂 mary ann

  11. Isn’t it just a glorious time of the year!? I wish it could be Autumn for 6 months of the year!!!
    That’s an awesome poem! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  12. Love your pics! So different! Love the cake and the silo…..

    — Vicki in Michigan

  13. Beautiful fotos. And oh my those cakes look soooooo outstanding and tasty!

  14. super pics!

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