studio expanded

what a difference being better organized is…i am excited how spacious my little studio looks now! not bad for being located in the mechanical room of our house, eh?
there’s so much more room for me to move around in & i can see things now! hopefully, i won’t continue on with my slobbish ways…can’t wait for my sis looney & niece isabel to check it out this weekend…we’re gonna have a fun time crafting {smile}…bring it on! Posted by Picasa


6 Responses

  1. whoaaaaa nellie! do you have stuff or what…so lucky to have all those shelves! it really shows how your passion is in your studio/your creations…what a special place to create…truly one of the hearts of your home…can’t wait to see you and your place in person! xoxo looney

  2. great room and you know how many times i have cleaned mine and i tell myself i won’t be a slob anymore and then a few days go by and it looks like a tornado came through :o)

  3. wow great….

  4. WoooW, what a great room you have!

  5. omg! you have a whole workshop! what a wonderful space to create in, mary ann! enjoy! 🙂

  6. wow, you have a lot of *stuff* in there sista! I love the open shelves and such. wow, can I come over and play?!

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