my tiny studio seriously needed some major ORGANIZATION! i had stuff overflowing EVERYWHERE! it was not pretty folks! so my dh surprised me yesterday while i was napping & this is a wicked huge storage unit he built & installed! this is our cat, bailey, inspecting the newly constructed storage unit. it is about 9 feet by 9 feet…just added more square footage to my disasterously overflowing studio… i spent pretty much all evening organizing my junk!

my studio looks tidier & roomier…all thanks to my dh. he totally rocks!!!!!! gosh, i so love that man! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. now that is some serious shelves! totally green with envy as i wish my ‘dump site’ can look even an inch like that…so lucky to have a ‘handy-dandy carpentar man’, and a darn good-lookin’ one to boot…see you saturday for the ‘sweet treat’ fest! xoxo looney

  2. wow, mary ann, what an amazing hubby you’ve got there! those shelves are just what we all need, eh? more storage – everywhere! 🙂
    and look at all your goodies! you have more than some shops over here! hehe..

    happy creating, darlin’ xXx

  3. This so cool!!! LUCKY-LUCKY YOU!!!!

  4. That is so awesome!!! Your Joe sounds so sweet! I know you will get a lot of use out of those selves. he can come to our house and put some in!

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