how was your friday the 13th?

i didn’t realize that yesterday was friday the 13th… nothing too frightful happened to me yesterday…actually it wasn’t a bad day…i had that meeting with those school folks that i mentioned in last post & well, it looks like i will be working with their older autistic students (grades 3-5), a caseload of 8 children. some of them i actually do remember from when i worked in that district 3 yrs ago when we first relocated to this area…& also, i will be working with my dear pal & colleague, allison, again who btw, mentioned my name to the special ed. director…thanks allison for this referral! it will be a couple a days a week that i will be working at the school (7:30a-2:30p)…& the sped director didn’t even bat an eye when i shot him my price! that’s not too bad at all!
i wanted to (re) post this snap of the decos i placed on my mom’s mantle upstairs…the colored chains, well, those aren’t paper>>>they are made from felt…it took me about half an hour to make that thing! i think it breaks up all that white & beige, don’t you? those halloween blocks came from my maine trip. i bought those at this quaint craft shop in a town called bath>>>it was the day i met & hung out with susan & jes.
when i came home from an all morning affair with the school folks, i got this wonderful surprise from my dear blog sista, nancy>>>thank you nance, i love this esp. the sisters & butterfly! your kindness really made my heart sing!
remember all those vintage playing cards & game paraphernalia that i’ve shown on my blog? well, i’ve taken them along with other nifty things from my stash & made these cute ephemera packets that i will be selling in my etsy shop…i’ve thrown in old postage stamps, bingo cards, various playing cards, copies of a couple of vintage photos, bingo chips, number tiles, alpha cards, scrap paper…all for the makings of a cool collage or art project…i’ve made 8 packets…check these out they will soon be available in etsy! i’ve got other new stuff that i’ll be putting in my etsy shop…stayed tuned!

well, i’m off to the herb’s society’s monthly meeting>>>we’re having a white elephant sale at this one! it should be fun…gotta run to dunkin’ doughnuts to pick up some munchins for this group. have a great saturday! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. Those packets are so cool!

    I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th yesterday. I am glad too because I get easily spooked.

    Hope your having a good weekend!

  2. Holloween is my time!

  3. i know what melba means…realized it was friday the 13th on saturday and well, let’s just say 10 million black cats strutted infront of me and it was doomsville for me all day saturday…glad that saturday is done & over with and now some good karma has found its way back towards my path, whew!!!xoxo looney

  4. ps, decos look boo-tiful…and your packs are darling! yeah more goodies for the shoppe! xoxo looney

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