golden*oh deer*snow, oh my!*decorating

the past few weeks being away, galavanting, has really screwed up my daily routine…i have been catching up with errands, household & garden chores these past couple of days…i hope to get back on my {bloggin’} track next week…since i’ve gotten home, i’ve been feeling kinda disgumbobulated (is that how you spell that?)… 0n my way to the post office, i couldn’t help but notice this very yellow tree…even on an overcast day, the leaves were golden against the gray skies…so cheerful…until, someone at the post office mentioned impending “SNOW” in the next day or two…which got me in a panic & shock bec. a) it’s way too early for the white stuff!!!!!!! & b) i still hadn’t planted those trees & day lillies that i have been putting off for months! yikes & double, triple yikes!
i fretted these past couple of days because i so wanted to create art, but didn’t bec. there was so much to get done, like plant those trees before it snows!!!! i went out to the front yard & what do i see but two deer feeling free & eating the lawn! i stared at them, had the sense to grab my camera & clicked away…they stood there for a few minutes, just staring back at me…i was feeling bold & started closer to them, but they soon scurried up the hill across from the house…i bet these are the same deer that ate all my tulips last spring!!!!!
then the unthinkable happened…i awoke this morning with the white stuff>>>a dusting of it, but nevertheless, it had snowed overnight! i was appalled to see the deck with snow! how can it be that winter is creeping its way…isn’t it still autumn?! gosh, they are saying that it will snow (flurries like today & last night) tomorrow…well, i’m glad that i planted those trees & day lillies before the snow came>>>thank goodness for small favors, right?
since i had been away from my dh, he’s had to fend for himself, particularly in the meal department…this past week, i have been cooking all sorts of comfort foods…he said to me today when he came home from work that the house smelled so good ( i had made chicken stew w/ pasta in the crock pot)…for the past couple of weeks, i have been pulling out my halloween decorations & finally, finally put stuff up! the other day i found this curious “eyeball” that lights up & plays the “adams’ family” song… too hilarious for words…i might contract with a school (i have a meeting with the school special ed. director tomorrow morning) & this may come in handy if i work with school kids again…otherwise, my nieces & nephews will have fun with this thing when they come visit me next weekend!

well, it’s getting late & i actually have to get up early to meet with the school folks tomorrow…we’ll see what’s going on there…that’s the beauty part of being your own boss, you get to pick & choose what clients you want…hopefully this won’t be too bad…but we’ll see…eh? Posted by Picasa


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  1. Wow! the autumn leaves, deer, snow…goodness me! I had a feeling winter would be early this year…the deer must come down to eat when there is snow in the hills and mountains…I had heard on the news it was going to be snowing up your has already snowed in cali from what I have heard…unbelievable! That eyeball is a riot…love the adams family theme hehehe..what fun! I wish you the best in finding clients fit for you and visa versa..hugs!

  2. I was thinking how much I love your photo collages.

    You take great pictures capturing the everyday.

    Hope your meeting goes well.


  3. No, it’s not supposed to snow before Halloween. I like to enjoy the golden trees first! Oh, well, at least we are not in Buffalo, NY

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