through the chicago botanic garden… just wonderfully serene & tranquil…

the last time i walked through these lovely grounds was nine years ago, when i had been an actual member…all sorts of memories came rushing back as i eased my way & leisurely strolled in & around the beautiful gardens. my favorite area is the english walled garden>>>i think because it feels like a secret garden, with its high leafy walls & seating nooks to contemplate the day away…
a couple of newlyweds were seen to take their outdoor after wedding ceremony shots here…how happy the brides looked…

there is something magical about being there>>> it is a place that truly delights the senses & fills the soul. making time to visit & savor the delights of a magical place, now that is a good thing {smile}. Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. gorgeous photos, so nice to see the beautiful moments from your eyes! glad you are going to take a breather! so…watcha making for halloween besides cookies? I know you are prob. up to something else too. LOL!!! xxoo Lia

  2. absolutely divine! what a magical place, the chicago botanical gardens and country living in one spot together, wow! wish i could have seen all the great fall decorations, will be sure to pick up next month’s country living mag…oh pure joy!!! xoxo looney

  3. It’s easy to snap a million photos in such a place, isn’t it? They are wonderful and remind me of Shaw’s garden here in St. Louis. I like to photograph the bridal couples there.

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