& the winners are…

good morning friends! i am finding it a bit weird working away from my computer & studio…it’s been kinda hectic caring for my niece & nephew as well as my sister these past couple of days. i haven’t gotten to do much blogging or arting…i’m not complaining as i am happy to assist my sister & her kiddies…i just don’t know how my blog sistas w/ kidlets manage to create, blog AND care for their chittlens & home at all!!! it bees hard work!

anyhoo, since not many folks signed up ( are people just not interested in scrapping anymore, don’t care about spreading good karma or are my freebies just not that interesting, i wonder??!), i’ve asked my sis looney to help me decide of the names i’ve received, who should get what. well, this is what we came up with:

item #1 will go to lisa, who was first to comment! congrats lisa & i still have your addy from last time {smile}…

item #2 will go to windy angel, who graciously asked for #2. i also still have your addy windy angel, congrats to you!

item #3 will go to overwhelmed>>>many congrats! pls. pop me an email with your snail mail addy…

item #4 will go to suzie q (you are so nice windy angel to add her name to the list! what a good friend you are>>>bet she will be so surprised) yipee!

welp, there you have it…it’s not my usual way to select the lucky recipients, but this is what worked out this week. many thanks to the lucky gals who played in this week’s wysiwyg wednesday…i greatly appreciate your participation!

until next time (wondering if there should be a next time…hmmm) may the good karma shine on you!


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