memory lane

more snaps to show why my heart will always be in maine>>> loving every second & feeling on top of the world (mt. battie summit)…
low tide at duck trap harbor, one of joe & my favorite “secret” places to get away (linconville beach)…also one of my fave spots to go rock hunting {smile}…
my fave fast food lunch>>> toasted hummus bagel & an orangina from the bagel cafe in downtown camden (that’s when i worked part-time at the kindergarten there, a few blocks from the cafe)…
… a view of mt. battie (and library) from the (camden) public landing…joe & i often came down here to watch the boats (or tourists) or go to grab a bite to eat at the waterfront restaurant…

some things don’t ever change…
& you know what?
that’s a wicked good thing! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. what a nice trip for you to take when you are taking on your new venture….I hope it brought you peace…you have been so busy lately! I love Maine, I have been a few times to Portland? and Acadia? when you come for ‘Just Be’ maybe you can make a vacation out of that too! Good to have you back Maryann!

  2. More wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing this when life must be so hectic.

  3. Ahhh what beautiful photos!

  4. gorgeous! that sandwich totally is making my mouth water! the east coast is simply breathtaking! xoxo looney

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