leaf peepin’

last saturday, i spent the day with annie (aka second mom) & her dh, brad & we drove up to the rangeley lakes region…brad had heard that it was peak season up north& saturday was a perfectly crisp, cool autum day>>>fitting for my last full day in maine! joe & i had not ventured up to this part of the state when we lived there…so it was exciting to discover this area>>>while the area is known for moose-sighting, we did not see one…but nevertheless, the mountains & fall foliage were sights to behold!

annie & me taking a moment to pose for brad…i don’t think brad liked the “conspiratory” looks on our faces>>>he so does know how easy it is for us to get into mischief, lol!

the trip north was well worth it! i just wish i had more time>>> there were other places that i had wanted to see & go, but in a short week, one can’t possibly see/do everything! oh how i wish we lived back there…well, one day we will, you can count on that! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. short week for you, but long for me missing your posts! Glad you got to see Annie again!

  2. Welcome back Mary Ann! We missed you. Those are some great photos. I am originally from New Brunswick, Canada and they made me think of home!

  3. how beautiful maine is during the fall…home sweet home, one day, right??? so glad you got the chance to see everyone and found your heart again up at mount battie…xoxo looney

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