{early} wysiwyg wednesday

i realize that i am posting wysiwyg wednesday on a monday night…but i don’t want to take any chances on my sister’s computer (it’s not very reliable according to my sis) in case it misbehaves…so while i am on my reliable computer, i will go ahead & post this week’s freebies (i mailed the freebies from last ww this afternoon…the lucky recipients from last time should be getting their goodies shortly!)…oh, to review the “rules” go here.

item 1: a nifty mag giving one all sorts of ideas to organize one’s crafty/arty supplies…i’ve forgotten i had this & since this has been out of sight/mind, well, i don’t mind parting with it…hopefully there is someone out there in bloggy land who will appreciate this! item 2: haven’t been doing much scrapping lately…have been busy making cards & other neat paper stuff…so not really needing this idea book… they talk about finding things in daily objects (like a design of a bottled soda or a pattern of clothing…) that inspire scrapbook layouts…it really is a nice idea book>>>just not scrapping much anymore…
item 3: need to know the latest trends in scrapbooking? well, here’s a mag for you! gives you the low down on the latest products & also cool techniques & page layout ideas…again, have not been scrapping in a while…so must say “bye-bye” & hopefully end up to a good home!
& finally, item #4: when i bought my little digi-cam last xmas, i thought i needed to learn how to do digi-scrapping…well, i came to my senses & found that i prefer the old-fashioned way of scrapping (or more accurately, collaging) using embellishments, stickers, paint, etc. but i know that there are folks out there that absolutely adore digi-scrapping…if you are one such person, all i can say is GO FOR IT! & besides, the price is right, isn’t it? so there you have it…this week’s rather early edition of wysiwyg wednesday! if there is anything here of interest to you, please drop me a comment letting me know…as always, this is open to ANYONE interested…i will take names until 10 pm cst wednesday, 10/4/06. then i will post the lucky recipients the next day, thursday 10/5/06.

until then, may the good karma shine on you!!!!! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. OOOOHHHH, I can’t wait to get my goodies!!!! Yeah. I would like to enter for item number one. I really need to get some ideas on a nice scrap book space. I have a corner of my bed room that I can use. I’ll be watching my mailbox for my goodies!!! I’m soooo excited

  2. Hi Mary Ann. I hope all is well at your sister’s.
    I am very interested in number 4 or number 1 would be great also.
    Can I do a bit of karma action here too? Dear Suzie Q is away this week on a wonderful holiday and I know that her power was off the last time you did wysiwyg Wednesday. Can I submit her name? I’m pretty sure she’d like number 1, maybe also number 4. As I’m putting her name for same as me I would also be happy with item 2 (in case you don’t get many entries again – I wish).

  3. Hi there, I’m interested in #2 or #3, or both. 🙂 If I’m selected, would you like to be reimbursed postage?

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