a sister in need; swap update

will i have enough energy to enjoy this? i had planned on going to this since last july! extremely looking forward to this actually… i have tix & everything & i’ve planned on meeting up with my pal, angie wangie, in chicago on friday… i am planning on going, but i hope i will have enough energy…you see, my sis looney needs my help. she had a procedure done while i was away & she has to stay off her feet for a few days. with her hubby gone on business, she is needing assistance with her twin 4 yr olds. i know that i was just in chicago yesterday, but i had to come home to see joe/kitties & get a few things taken care of before i turn around and leave tomorrow for my sister’s house in chicago…

since looney had helped me through this past summer after my surgery, it’s time to return the favor & i do WANT to help her out…so i’m trying to post as much stuff as i can…i will be working at her house in chicago…she has a computer/printer/scanner… but they are, shall we say, antiquated! & her computer fries rather easily!!! not good since i want to catch up with my blogging pals/sistas as well as post artwork, photos, etc…so this explains for the many posts that i’ve been uploading today…i just may not have good luck w/ her computer this week {gosh, i really need joe to get me a laptop!}…

luckily i haven’t unpacked my suitcase (tho i did take out my laundry & did the wash this morning)…all i have to gather & pack now is all my crafting stuff/makeshift studio because i am hoping to create at my sister’s some new stuff for my etsy shop (which i have been neglecting lately) & perhaps participate in an art challenge or two…
the cookie swap sign up is over & now i will start pairing up the participants of my cookie swap that i am hosting…there are in total 19 ladies…so that means i will be picking up 2 partners, while everyone else will be evenly paired. i am excited about the turn out & will hopefully contact each participant via email or via flickr mail by the end of this coming weekend/monday (depending on how much energy i have left after almost two weeks on the go!) who their swap buddy will be! so wicked excited!

so for goodness sake, i hope i can make it to friday! i would hate to be too pooped out to enjoy the country living fair! time will tell, i guess. Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. This Country Living fair looks fabulous. I hope you have a splendid time, so envious here but I know you’ll share with us what you can.
    And have a happy time with those twins. Hope your sister feels better soon.

  2. Prayers to Looney…hope it’s nothing too serious. Glad you are able to help out. You will surely need some rest when you return.

    Loved the pictures of Maine, girl, I love Maine, wish I lived there, it’s so beautiful. Glad you had a good time.

  3. MY GOODNESS Maryann you have been a busy, busy girl! First let me tell you again, how happy I was to meet you! I had so much fun with you and Susan…and do you know, I think I may have found a new “MAINE” friend in Susan thanks to you!!! xoxoxxo

    YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE CALLED MY CELL while in Rangeley!!!!!!! I was at camp all by my lonesome only a mere 20 minutes from you! My friend Judy had to cancel and rush to upstate NYC….and the guys went fishing, so I spent the day alone, at camp, knitting….but you know? It was actually a good thing!!! (though I would have loved to see you one more time!)

    AND….make sure you check out my Flickr and see the adorable thing I did with your Halloween tags! Thanks to you and Susan, I got into the Halloween decorating spirit!

    I KNOW you have to take care of Looney OF COURSE!!!!! But please try to save a little energy for the Country Living Festivities! I KNOW you can do it! xoxoxox A bunch of us blogging pals went to NYC last year and did the Country Home one in Central Park, and it was wonderful~magical! It will surely be worth all of the energy you can muster up!! I’ll be thinking of you dearie!!

    ~your Maine pal 4ever!

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