is the theme for this week’s wednesday stamper (i*heart*this group!)…& here is my entry>>> ever since blog sista nancy did her tutorial on “credit card painting”, i’ve been having loads of fun experiementing & making my own painted backgrounds. it’s been very freeing for me…

i’m not one for clowns, but in the spirit of clowns (is there such a thing?!) i made a little clownish doll out of my wee self…& clowns are supposed to amuse & entertain folks, aren’t they? oh well, i had fun amusing myself! see other clowns here. Posted by Picasa


8 Responses

  1. Wonderful! Great combination!

  2. Oh, I like this one! Great work. 🙂

  3. I like your interpretation of clowns and you are right, it is fun.

  4. I love what you designed. it has such a sweet compostion!

  5. ok, this is tooooo cute! i love the pinwheels on your pants, you make such a darlin’ lil’ clown…the colors are just so right and the words, man, i just love it!!! xoxo looney

  6. FUN card! Great job!

  7. love the little pinwheels too!! great all over composition and color…where do i find the tutorial on cc painting? sounds so interesting!!

  8. lovely! and the little knee propellers are too funny.

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