for my secret pal

i’m in this secret pal card swap hosted by local stamp place, crackerbox palace. every week for the next several weeks, i’m to anonymously send a stamped card to my “secret pal”…& @ the end of the swap, which is nov. 5, we get to reveal ourselves to our designated secret pal…sort of like “secret santa”, but with a twist. of the cards we make, two of them are “challenges”…for this time around, one of the challenge is using the technique known as “iris folding”. i’ve heard of it before, even seen it, but really not thrilled about doing this technique. i consulted my friend elsa, who is a whiz at this, & she was kind enough to teach me how to do it…here is my effort>>>
i found doing this technique rather tedious>>>all that searching for the right papers (here i’ve used strips of magazine ads from elsa’s stash), cutting, folding, turning, keeping track of the pattern, etc., etc…while i am grateful to elsa’s patient assistance in teaching me this, iris folding doesn’t do anything for me, hate to say…i know elsa is a huge fan of this technique, but i (& she knows this) can live without it. i gave it a whirl, though i’m glad that this “challenge” is over & done with!

the next challenge card is to basically start a card & then mail it unfinished to my secret pal & from there she will finish it off. now that’s something i can handle! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. You did a marvelous job! I am not fond of cards and paper folding…or maybe its the lack of knowledge…eh maybe one day

  2. such beauty!!!!!!!! even though it was such tedious work, you came up with an amazing design and it looks so effortless…love the heart design and your simply stated phrase…xoxo looney

  3. That does look time consuming, but you did a Great job!

  4. You did a great job on that iris folding. I learned how to do Iris folding in september of 2006, I had never heard of it. A family friend knew how much i enjoyed card making and thought I would enjoy it. At first, I thought it was a pain, but the more i did it the better i got. I use wrapping paper for the folding, it’s easy to work with. It is very time consuming, but the finished card is worth the time and the smile on the face of the person the card goes to. I have taught iris folding in my kids classrooms before and also in the art classes I teach. Some people get it and some don’t. If you like you can see the ones I have made and posted on my blog. I am going to go look around your blog and see what other fun stuff I can find…nice to meet you.

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