sheer gratitude

for the wonderful mail prezzies i got over the past couple of days! i am touched by these gifts of friendship & connection. thank you melba for these beautiful cards>>>esp. the follow your bliss…that is so perfect! i heart everything>>>you sure do know me, huh? thank you raesha for the lovely cards…i’m so digging your “hypnotic” atc!
& kelli, thank you for this awesome cd—i listened to it as soon as i opened your package…cool tunes, perfect for crafting! {smile}

i am so honored to know these fab gals…thank you for thinking of me & wanting to spread the creative wealth! Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. I am glad you are felling the love you so deserve!

    Does everyone call you mary Ann or sometimes do people call you Mary? Do you have any nicknames?

  2. hi melba!

    pretty much, i go by “mary ann”…but close pals call me “mar”
    & my family calls me either “reya” (long story!) or “firstborn”….my parents call that as well as “mary”, “ann” or “me-ann”…the latter one was supposedly how i used to pronounce my name, lol!

    i prefer to go by either “mary ann” or “mar” to friends, in-laws, close biz. colleagues, blogging pals.

    just “mary ann” to patients, clients, not so close biz. colleagues, acquaintances…

    does that help ya?

    my sisters & i always come up with crazy pet names for one another!

    xo, mar

  3. oh yeah, i only let my dh call me “cous-cous” & it’s variants…that’s are pet name for one another…

  4. Ok then hello Mar! 😀 What wonderful goodies you received! 😀 So happy for you!

  5. mannnnnnnnnn…your bloggin sistas are way creative and so amazingly kind & generous!!! to get mail other than bills and junk stuff…i’m totally in awe! love melba’s fabulous cards, raesha’s cool cards and how lucky to receive kelli’s music to soothe the soul…WOWOW!!!! xoxo looney

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