is the challenge for wednesday stamper this week. i found this dream stamp & decided to incorporate it somehow with ws’s bird theme. i prepped a 9″x12″ watercolor paper with a wash of acrylic paints. then i stamped a foam floral stamp around the perimeter of paper. then i laid on a watered down coat of white acrylic paint to soften the dark brown ink of the floral stamping. i found these alpha cards that went with the colors i’ve established, overlaid a coat of the water/white acrylic paint mix to distress them as well. if you click on image, you might be able to see some crackling going on over on the alpha cards…anyhoo, enough technical talk. i really appreciate the stamped sentiment because it validates & reassures me that following my {dreams} {bliss} is perfectly okay!

to see other bird pieces, go herePosted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. This is so , so pretty!!!

  2. I love this dreamy look. Thanks for all the explanations!

  3. Mary Ann…this is great and i love how you did the alpha cards.

  4. i love this one!!! this is beautifully stated and perfectly created…the colors, the bird, DREAM…BLISS…such beauty…you really out did yourself…again!could be a new banner, tee…oh you get the picture… xoxo looney (if ever this will be a postcard in your shoppe…i’m gonna snatch this up so faaaaaaaast!) xoxo looney

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