timeline, take 2

i’ve been trying to re-scan, photograph, upload file of my timeline, but without success! argh!!!! i really was trying to avoid having to re-type this , but, i will do so since some of you mentioned that you were unable to read it so here i type it out AGAIN! i apologize for the redundancy (i did, tho, delete the original post because it was horribly illegible>>>sorry about that!!!!)…

firstborn’s timeline (based on melba’s)

1966: born one month prematurely (philippines)
1967: sister #2 born
1968: immigrate to usa (chicago) w/ parents & sister #2; live in a garden apartment near hospital where mom worked.
1969-1970:do not remember what the heck happened these years (was a toddler!)…
1971: sister #3 born
1972:become naturalised us citizen along w/ parents & sis #2 {i remember my sis & i standing on chairs in the judge’s chambers & trying to recite the pledge of alligence…that must have been a sight!}; go to disneyworld with parents, sisters #2 & 3in orlando, fl & spend my 6th b-day there
1973: only brother born; family moves to very first house in chicago
1974: family takes road trip to canada
1975: sister #4 born
1976: family takes trip to motherland for one month (& hating the heat & foreigness of it all!)
1977-78:??? these are a blur for me
1979: went on another trip to mother country with mom & sister #2 (again, hating it)
1980: graduated grammar school & went on to all-girl catholic high-school (aka “prison”); learn thrifting & junking from mom; got braces
1982: moved to newly built house, five blocks away from old house; got driver’s permit
1983:braces removed!
1984: graduated high school {aka broke out of “prison”} & went to depaul u in chicago; majored in communications & minored in art history {almost doubled majored, but in the end, chose to minor in art}
1985: got first car, a red jeep
1986: went to nyc for the first time ever
1987: graduated with high honors from depaul (completed 12 quarters in 3 years!); went straight to grad school in washington d.c. (georgetown) to study “linguistics”; lived with elderly lady & her dog for 2 years that i was there, “free” room & board; first time ever to live away from family
1988: still going to grad school in dc, often being mistaken for someone’s “nanny” or some foreigner from exotic country>>>have been mistaken for vietnamese, korean, chinese, laotion, south american, native american , indian, mongolian, polynesian, eskimo, hawaiian, hispanic descent>>>everything under the sun except “filipino”! that really bugged the hell out of me>>>whenever someone asked me where i was from, i’d always say “chicago”…knowing full well they wanted to know my nationality! that usually stopped them in their tracks! when i grew up in chicago, no one ever asked me where i was from; could care less about politics (& dc is a very political town!) or being upwardly mobile {met way too many young republican types when i was there}, couldn’t wait to go back to chicago & be around “regular”, working-class people again…
1989: decided to finish with a masters instead of ph.d. in linguistics & matriculated the summer of ’89 (which was the 200th anniversary of the university)…my dad, sister #2, cousin & dear college friend attended my grad ceremony, return to chicago with family, & worked first real job with local airline company
1990: traveled all over the us courtesy of the airline i worked for!
1991: airline company folds after having been in biz for 10 years; get a temp job as a word processor for state farm insurance, where i met my pal, angie wangie; apply for grad school (again), but this time in speech pathology, choose university of memphis bec. it was affordable & college friend was already going to optometry school there & had apartment i could share with; go with family to attend only brother’s military graduation from marines bootcamp in san diego,ca
6/1992: sis #2 & i get in a bad car accident (not our fault; sis #2 gets banged up pretty badly & is in hospital for a week; i refuse to drive, but eventually get over my fear of driving, almost postponed grad school bec. of bad car accident
8/1992: pack up & go to memphis to begin grad school in speech pathology at univ. of memphis; never set foot inside graceland, tho have been outside its front gates & gift shop several times
1993: still in grad school, not amused with the heat & humidity of memphis, start to develop a “southern” twang in speech and being accused by my sibs as being “country”
7/1994: went to two job interviews: one in syracuse, ny at a very busy teaching hospital and the other to maine…i enjoyed to maine one bec. it was an all-expenses paid job interview, was wined & dined by prospective company & got to see lots of sights of maine>>>went on first whale-watching adventure & just fell for maine…but in the end i chose the more clinically challenging position in syracuse
8/1994: graduate from u. of m.; move to syracuse to begin my speech therapy career
9/1995: finish “residency” year in syracuse & return to chicago; move back temporarily w/ folks; find local job in chicago; find a 2bedroom apt a few blocks away from my parents’; sister #2 gets married
1/1996: sister #4 gets married
7/1996: drive by myself to maine for a week’s vacation {the whole, “30, flirty & thriving bit”}; move out of apt because of safety (always getting late-night doorbell ringing! not to mention, gangbangers loitering below my apt window
1/1997: first niece is born!
5/1997: sister #3 gets married
7/1997: meet the love of my life, joe!
1998: joe & i move to maine!
10/1998: only brother gets married
1999: family visits us in maine; had minor surgery
2000: we visit family in chicago; discover yoga; joe starts his own contracting business
2001: a niece (sister #3’s first baby) & nephew (sister #4’s second) are born
2002: sister #2’s triplets are born wicked prematurely (26 weeks), only 2 survive; start private practice; we get married on mt. battie
2003: relocate to cheeseland & get majorily depressed; mom retires after 40 years of being an rn; joe & i return to maine for 2 week vacation
2004: nephew (only brother’s firstborn) is born; joe starts up his contracting biz this time in wi; we vacation in maine x1week; 4 sisters host 1st annual ccokie swap at mom’s (aka “grandma”) “special house”
2005: visit dear college pal in wa state; learn that sister #3 has cervical cancer; 4 sisters host 2nd annual cookie swap at special house
2006: sister #3 recovers from cancer; discover BLOGGING; get out of depression & begin creating art again; second “mom” annie comes to visit; met elsa & joined local herb/garden society; had another minor surgery; parents get robbed while vacationing in the mother country, tho eventually arrive safely; learn that fil has bone cancer; cancel plans to vacation out west & stay closer>>>go to door co. instead; discover crackerbox palace stamp store; quit draining hospital job to work for self as private practice speech therapist/etsy shop owner; celebrate 4th wedding anniversary; looking forward to a couple of upcoming craft/antique fairs in chicago AND going to maine at the end of the month.

at this moment: trying to pry my eyelids open as i finish this long-ass timeline!
i’m going to bed now!

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  1. Wow what a great exercise for blogging, writing AND MEMORY this is! It’s awesome to read it because I get to know you a little more too. Here’s what I can remember….

    *1970 – Born in Dothan, Alabama
    *70-73 moved to various states including Mississippi, Louisiana and NJ
    *1974 – Parents divorced. We moved to South Plainfield, NJ
    1975 – Started Kindergarten in South Plainfield. Had Mrs. Kravitz
    1976 – Moved in with my mother’s fiance in Fanwood, NJ and started 1st grade
    1977 – ?
    1978 – Met lifelong friend, Bridget Martorina
    1979 – ?
    80 – turned 10, went to Middle school
    80 – 83 Park Middle School
    1984- Freshman at SPFHS Discovered R.O.T.C. and Loved it
    1985 – 1st trip to Colorado to visit the Air Force Academy
    1986 – Returned to colorado but this time for a music workshop in Aspen. Decided I wanted to stay and found my own foster family with whom I remained until I was 21!!)
    1987 – driving!!
    1988 – graduated HS. Flipped my Hyundai over a boulder. No one was hurt… just the car! LOL
    1989 – 1st job – NANNY
    1990 – turned 20
    1991 – ‘got’ Jack Nicholson as my 21st birthday present. A mutual friend set it up so that I would arrive to a bar and have my 1st legal drink with Jack Nicholson. TOO COOL, to say the least!
    1992 – Moved to NJ to work as a Nanny. Lived on a Dairy Farm
    1993 – Met Harel at ‘The Yellow Rose’ Country night club
    1994 – 1st vacation with Harel. We went to Virginia. Yeah I guess it really IS for Lovers 🙂
    1995 – Turned 25 and moved in with Harel in Somerset, NJ
    1996 – Got Engaged to Harel!
    1997 – Got Married on August 31st!
    and took a 4 week honeymoon. We started in Israel, went to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales… amazing!!
    1998 – Bought our 1st house here in Belle Mead, NJ.
    1999 – Started working in a nursery school with 3 year olds.
    2000 – Trained and worked at http://www.gia.edu as a diamond specialist
    2001 – Pregnant with 1st Daughter
    2002 – January 18, M’Kayla was born!
    2003 – Pregnant with #2,she was born December 22nd
    2004 – Disneyland Vacation January ( 3rd year in a row)
    2005 – 1st daughter enters Nursery school (3 year old Pre-K)
    2006 – We’re moving to PA ( soon….??!!)

    wow!! that was fun, Mary Ann!!

  2. Thanks for doing this. I have not started mine yet. Kind of afraid to, in a way. Yours is so interesting to read and it must be good for you to see how much you’ve accomplished all the places you have seen.

  3. Wow you are so qualified, one mulittalented lady!

  4. I am working on my timeline!

    Very cool – I will take the time to fully read yours tonight! (I’m at work!)

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