two firstborns

with someone continues to be self-portrait challenge’s theme for this month…this week i chose a snap of me & my 9 y.o. niece, isabel… she is the firstborn child of my baby sister gail…& she is also my parents’ very first grandchild. she, like the others, is very much loved in the family. i can’t believe how wicked fast this little babe is growing up! wasn’t it only yesterday i was rocking you to sleep & pushing you around in a stroller?! yikes, i am feeling so old…she was born the year joe & i met!

& for the longest time, she used to be able to fit into my shoes, but now my shoes don’t fit her anymore!!!! (i wear a size 6 shoe & now isabel tells me that she wears a 6 1/2)! & she is so into makeup & fake nails (or as she says, nurlz, lol). my sis gail is not liking that at all…geez, i didn’t even know what make-up was all about until high school…when i was 9, i was a tomboy & really into baseball…well, i did get her interested in rubberstamping as she really enjoyed herself when we were at the crackerbox palace last saturday…it was exciting to see her get all excited about stamping… she is too cute. & just for you isa, i posted this snap of us from earlier this summer (around the time of my recuperation) & i changed it to black & white>>>see there, not everything needs to be in technicolor! Posted by Picasa


6 Responses

  1. Aww! Your both so beautiful! Makeup is fun at that age! Shes a beautiful girl and has no need to wear any at all! 🙂 You have one beautiful photo there to treasure! So happy that she got all jazzed about stamping! Hugs to you!

  2. You both look so happy! When you said she used to fit in your shoes, I totally thought you meant that as a baby she was small enough to fit in your shoes – lol!

  3. This is a wonderful picture! And little girls seem to always be in such a hurry to do “big girl” things, don’t they?

  4. You’re both so gorgeous! Lovely photo, Mary Ann 🙂

  5. This is such a beautiful photo!! I am so happy to hear that you have such a special relationship. I, too, have a ‘favourite’ Aunt and I know how important that bond is! She was my confidant while growing up and still is, to this day!

  6. Hi Reya,
    Thank you for the thoughtful words about Isabel. She is a special young lady!! How do you think I feel, I still remember her splashing around in an oversoaked diaper in front of the townhouse in bolingbrook in a plastic pool. Remember that place? You worked in Joliet. She is growing too fast. Thank you for influencing her with art and creativity. “Hoppy Anniversary!” (you have to say that in a fob accent. Love ya BehBeh

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