note to self

i woke up thinking, i am free at last! to follow my bliss, play by my rules, be my own boss. i don’t have to wake up so freakin’ early to drive a lengthy commute and work long, tedious days with certain lazy co-workers who don’t care a hoot about me—ANYMORE. AND that feels oh so GOOD! i share this poem to remind me what i need to do now, from this day forward.

this is your hour

this is your hour–creep upon it!
summon your power, leap upon it!
grasp it, clasp it, hold it tight!
strike it, spike it, with full might!
if you take too long to ponder,
opportunity may wander.
yesterday’s a bag of sorrow;
no man ever finds tomorrow.
hesitation is a mire–
climb out, climb up, climb on higher!
fumble, stumble, risk a tumble,
make a start, however humble!
do your best and do it now!
pluck and grit will find out how.
persevere, although you tire–
while a spark is left, there’s fire.
distrust doubt; doubt is a liar.
even if all mankind jeer you,
you can force the world to cheer you.
–herbert kaufman


5 Responses

  1. Wooohooooo! great little poem! I am so excited for you! Now you have time to drink that cup of coffee,or tea and start the day in your pajamas!:D No commutes to work and home with the hectic drivers who are in a hurry to get into an accident! No more traffic jams! No more time clocks! I celebrate you! Congrats! And my best wishes! Hugs!

  2. How exciting!!! I hope to get there one day!

  3. Hooray!!!

  4. powerful words to live by! yipeeeeeeee! you’re freeeeeeee! only happiness awaits for you every second of each day-embrace it now and always!!! xoxo looney

  5. GREAT news!!!!!! I am so happy for you Mary Ann……..Don’t you feel ALIVE……… Congrats and always follow your heart….

    See ya in CHICAGA………..

    Love, Angie

    By the way you two look adorable in the wedding picture…..

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