“for our anniversary”

(copyright photo by carol m. miller, 2002)

this much i know is true–
the secret to lasting love
is in the details–
a hand to hold
when i’m feeling sad,
the circle of your arms around me
when the cold air closes in.
i can tell you anything
and you won’t laugh
or run away.
partners for life you and i,
we’re marathoners
who’ve learned to keep the pace
straight and steady.
when i say the word ‘us’
i think of the day we met
and all the days in between
that sense of place, of belonging
that begins and ends with you.
–mary eastham

to my darling joe,

today is our anniversary
& i wanted to say
how proud i am of ‘us’.
you are my one & only.
the love of my life.
i love you so much.
but you already knew that.
it bears repeating though.
i will continue to profess that
till my last dying breath.
with all my love, your loving wife
mary ann
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7 Responses

  1. Hi there !

    Very happy to visit your own blog !

    Have a good day !


  2. Awwww! Happy Anniversary you two! 😀

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I was reading your blog & noticed you have been to the “Goosebarn” in Rockford, IL. Isn’t that place cool? My Aunt Becky is the owner! I lived in Rockford for a while & used to help her out in there.

  4. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful picutre of you two!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  6. So Loveely. have a Happy Day:)!

  7. happiness to the both of you! what a beautiful picture of you two lovebirds on top of that mountain…remember that special day like it was yesterday…Mt. Battie-right? perfect day for such a perfect wedding! i can’t believe it’s been 4 years of happy bliss-congratulations, reya!!!!!!! may you enjoy your love for eternity…xoxo looney

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