my heirarchy of needs

is this week’s topic for mixed media memoirs. it’s based on the theory of sociologist, maslow…hadn’t thought about this since soc 101 back in the day! i thought the paint & shaving cream backgrounds i made the other day would come in handy here…the words, well, need i say more? Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. I liked that you used your paper from INT. I love to reuse stuff from challenges and change it up.
    I am so excited by the number of posts and the thought behind thos posts for TB. I feel we are creating a community already; so cool!

  2. I was trying to write IMT (inspire me thursday). I am a slow typiest!and a bad speller 😉

  3. simply lovely! the background blends so well with the image and all the neat phrases, words… and that really does look like you! neat mmm! xoxo loon

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