or root chakra is the topic of the first chapter of this book that i’m collectively reading>>> one of my blog sistas, melba, is heading this collective reading & our assignment for this week is to read & then write about our thoughts on chapter 1… {to learn more about the 411 on chakras, go here, because i won’t bore you with the details}

the first chapter reaffirmed what i have already come to know about being grounded…how incredibly important it is to be so>>>to be safe, secure, honest, responsible, fair, organized, healthy, nuturing, & flexible both with one’s self & others in & outside the home. as i reflected on my life, i see that there have been times of balance & imbalance. & i recalled how content i was when all areas of my life seemed in balance. & i recalled how tremendously depressed & miserable when areas were not balanced.

for example, when joe & i left chicago to live & work in maine back in 1998…we were anxious about the relocation to a totally foreign area as all our families were in chicago & we knew no one in maine! but at the same time i remember us being very excited about moving to a new place>>>going on an adventure. we had agreed before we set foot in maine that we’d give ourselves one year & if we were miserable & didn’t like living in maine, then we’d just move back to chicago. but as it happened, we fell in love with the area, the slower pace, the natural beauty, the people…we thought we’d live there “forever”…since we had no family or friends in maine, we occasionally got homesick {i more than joe}…while we loved living in such a beautiful area, we felt a bit lonely those first years because all the people we knew & who knew us were all in chicago! we didn’t know a soul in maine…& it was especially tough around the holidays…i remember our 1st christmas in maine, we didn’t have the resources to go back to chicago for the holidays & my boss’ wife took pity on us & invited us over for christmas eve dinner. we went to their house for dinner & met many of their friends & relatives… an incredible wave of homesickness overtook me shortly after we arrived & i started to cry, right there in their living room. i was sitting by the fireplace, looking at their christmas tree & i just started bawling. i never felt so mortified before in my life & i couldn’t even look at anyone…i was so thoroughly embarrassed>>>i told joe that i wanted to leave because i just couldn’t stop crying & feeling sad & i didn’t want to be there making even more of a big scene. in retrospect, i was feeling ungrounded then…spending the holidays with virtual strangers was unsettling to me…it felt weird, unnatural to be around folks who you’ve just met on what’s considered a family-time kind of gathering…i remember telling joe in between sobbing how i missed spending christmas activities with my sisters, family & friends…joe was my rock, though. he was (& is) the person who grounded me. he helped me get through that 1st christmas in maine even though he was feeling a bit homesick too. i didn’t realize then how much i relied on my family of origin to feel grounded. on christmas day, we celebrated the day quietly, just us & our cats. we did get to call our families & i did feel better when i heard their familiar voices… but then it got better as the years went on…we got to know the area, people, the community…then it wasn’t so bad come holiday times…

we lived in maine 5 years…we would have continued to live there, but then in 2003, my parents asked us to move back, because they wanted joe to build them a house in cheeseland & that we could live in it, save money, etc…NOW that was a toughie! here we were, already established in our little coastal community & my family was making us an offer to relocate…we liked where we lived, our lifestyle, the people we befriended…but in the end, we decided to relocate because we really believed that it was a good situation for all involved & we rationalized that maine would just be an airplane ride away & that one day we’d go back there… well, easier said than done…it was the most traumatic thing that both joe & i had ever experienced together…i cried the whole way to wisconsin. i felt so utterly unbalanced. when we arrived in wisconsin, i wanted to turn around & go back to maine! it was BAD! i got very depressed>>>we both grieved over our loss of balance>>>i mean, we had a life in maine & then life as we knew it was *poof* gone! it’s only since the beginning of this year that i have gotten over my depression, the sense of loss…& i think that’s about the time i discovered blogging & started to be more creative again, doing more arty stuff…for a while there, my root/foundation chakra was terribly & miserably unbalanced. but i think now, it is becoming more balanced. it will be even more so when i make the shift from employee to entreprenuer! i believe that my foundation chakra will tip more in favor to the balanced end…& i am excited about that. as i’ve mentioned before in a previous post, i’m feeling empowered & that is grounding me.

for the past few years, i have taken up yoga. i really have found my yoga practice as another means to help ground me. yoga has been beneficial in so many ways & for that i am truly grateful, healthwise & spirtually…the tree pose in yoga is a quintessential balance posture. i originally created the piece below for artwords a while back, which i now submit this time for melba’s mixed media memoirs
…the tree >>>deeply rooted & grounded… i thought it fitting for the first chakra, foundation. & like a tree, we must take root, if we are to be balanced. Posted by Picasa


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  1. I totally understand. Looks like we will move to Ohio and where at first I was excited, now I am a little sick about it and fear the day it actually comes I will be a raging lunatic. This isn’t my favorite place in the world but we have developed a life here and it’s the only one my kids know, leaving that will be hard, plus we have no family ties here in this town so I doubt very seriously we will make the trip down again. Like you said, Poof, this whole life is gone. Your words of becoming grounded really helped me. I hope I can become grounded before too long.

  2. I know what you mean with unbalanced, glad you find your balance again. I need a change too right now, staying at home two years and the daily routine is so wearing out. I will start working some hours maybe already this week, and I’m looking forward too! Never thought so!
    PS: Let me know when you made your first artmoney!

  3. Mary Ann this was so good to read…just to get to know you better; you know?

    I didn’t realize this until I read what you wrote…but it is so true where we live and with who effects our root chakras.

    So interesting.

    I am glad we are on this journey together!

  4. Mary Ann – this was a wonderful post for me to read.

    Mike and I are considering a move to the Pacific Northwest from Colorado. I’m a native Coloradoan and have never lived anywhere but here. I’m excited about the possibility and I LOVE OR and WA, but still, it is scary considering being away.

    What you said about remaining grounded and keeping your personal balance will help me if we do go… I may have to email you for tips on learning to live in a brand new community!

    Glad you’re reading True Balance too – I’m really looking forward to these next weeks!

  5. Dropped in from Tongue in Cheek. I moved from Texas to France -with a French husband-with very little thought, just excitement. I love it here. I love new adventures and travel but–my family is back in the States, my children, grandchildren and parents. So I am rooted here, grounded, full of joy but with a bubble of regret, guilt and wondering if I did the right thing underneath it all. My life is here in France but I always look over my shoulder.

  6. just received my book last week – so I am on the base chakra! have enjoyed reading your thoughts – xo

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