just for the record…

my dh does not have a hairy chest…
but our kitty, bailey, does! that’s who my dh was holding in the spc pic a couple of posts ago, lol! Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. I am SOOOOO showing Jon this picture!!! (my man’s chest is kinda hairy by the way!!)

    Are you really coming to Maine? is Joe coming too??? You see…I have this idea….

    fishing + boys = a wicked good time
    shopping + girls = an even better time!

    (we have a spare bedroon too you know!!)

    We must talk!!!!!

  2. Omg! You are too funny! And does he know you put this on here LOL….this reminds me of something my 7yr old daughter said to her Daddy a while back…they were sitting in the living room watching tv and some commercial for a new tv program came on with a guy in a wedding dress and the girl in the tux…dh said tell me i didnt just see a man in a dress…guess my daughter didnt see it closely and said ..that was a girl daddy…my dh said Girls do not have hairy chests…my daughter pops up and says…but daddy you dont either! hehehe…try to hold your composure through that one…LOL

  3. My Husband had a hairy chest until our teenage daughter decided to wax it…he thought it wouldn’t hurt, and agreed to let her do it, she was amused…he was in agony.
    I love his hairyless chest.

  4. Nice catch — and the fish isn’t bad either.

  5. too funny! LOL

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