is the challenge for this week’s inspire me thursday… this is where we were supposed to use paint & only paint as our medium… i used nancy’s acrylic paint technique using an old credit card (except in my case, i used a piece of chipboard)…these two pieces here look aquatic to me (above & below)…particularly the second piece>>> reminds me of a lochness-type creature!
then my herb society friend, elsa, told me about this art class where she learned to make backgrounds using shaving cream & acrylic paints…i thought i’d give it a whirl…& these are my attempts!
this was kinda fun to do…reminded me of the time i worked with preschool kiddos & one of their art projects was this very activity, painting with shaving cream & tempura paints! but, i think next time i try this, i think i better buy some unscented shaving cream bec. the shaving cream i used here stunk to high heaven! pee-yew! Posted by Picasa


10 Responses

  1. Wow, Mary Ann! Shaving Cream?!! I’d not heard of that one before, but it’s incredibly effective!
    Great results from both techniques! Love your choice of colours…


  2. Now this is what I am talkin about. This sea monster stuff is way too cool! In fact it makes me so happy that I want to laugh out loud. BWAHahahahahahahahaha!!!

  3. Love your results! Hmmm shaving cream…now thats a new one I haven’t heard of yet! lol…But I love the result…I love the marbled effect it left you with! It is so pretty! *giggling* at the scented shaving cream comment, that had to of been one aweful smell hehe! Hugs darlin!

  4. great idea!

  5. I love how free these paintings are. I have never really tried the credit card method. You got some interesting textures from it. Very aquatic, indeed! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  6. This is kool..a new thing to learn..the abstracts are grt…

  7. this last one looks as if is marbled paper… but I guess that is basically what it is: that is a real skill!!

  8. I love these; especially the bottom ones with the shaving creme. Cool!

  9. woa! such pretty colors…who would have thought, shaving cream?! that’s something the kiddies would love to do…you’re so lucky to have elsa, such a creative force despite her age…wish i had someone like her by me…xoxo looney

  10. Very original ideas, especially the shaving cream. I love the end results.

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