enclosed spaces

has been the month-long topic for self-portrait challenge… & my most favorite enclosed space
is in my dh’s arms (with or without a cat or two)!
i feel so {loved} {protected} {cherished}
welcomed hugs from my dh>>>
ain’t life just grand? Posted by Picasa

7 Responses

  1. you look radiant! what a good interpretation of that theme, too…

  2. melting in his arms, what a lovely hug!

  3. You love birds… You both are awesome….

    love angie wangie

  4. How sweet it is!

  5. This post has been removed by the author.

  6. OH God I thought that last picture was your hairy chest man!!! DamB! I was going to say something…. then I realized “Oh its the Dog” … LOL freaked me out for a minute…. freaked me out so bad I mis spelt everything, had to delete and re write.. LOL

  7. this is how I feel with my hubby (protected) but I’m allergic to cats and he doesn’t have a hairy chest, so less all the hair…lol….love you. smooches! yes, life is grand! xxoo

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