the cat’s out of the bag

a while back, i posted some art work that alluded to changes…well>>>
look who’s going ENTREPRENURIAL {again}….c’est moi! i’m going to do some private practice work w/ my dear friend & colleague, allison. AND i am working on opening an etsy shop! this has been a LONG time coming & now is the time to move on to bigger & better things! i fly the coop on sept.6th…

it will be so good to work for MYSELF again (i was in private practice the year we left maine) …it was incredibly TOUGH to work for someone else when we relocated to the midwest 3 years ago, especially after having had the taste of being my own boss! IT FEELS GOOD TO BE FREE, can i just tell you?! now i will have the time & flexibility to devote my wakening hours to MY interests, MY agenda, MY goals, MY husband, MY family, MY passions, MY LIFE.

yes, this means, NO MORE wicked long commutes, waking up at ridiculously early hours, working long & hectic work days, having to be forced to work with people i neither like nor respect! THE reign of BULLsh-t is FINALLY OVER! thank goodness! & about flippin’ time!!!!

this is all GOOD>>>i can feel the excitement & positive energy in my bones. to take control of my TIME & to live the life that i have always imagined>>>are oh so much more valuable to me than money alone! life is too short & all that. i feel empowered. & that feels right. Posted by Picasa


12 Responses

  1. Congratulations! You will really be able to appreciate this new direction after all you have been through. I’m happy for you.

  2. YEAH! How totally awesome! I can just feel the excitement in you. Congrats!

  3. Way to GO Mary Ann….. Like I have said all along life is tooo short go and enjoy it girlfriend

    I am happy and proud of youuuuuu!

  4. Hi Mary Ann – Congratulations on flying the coop! I was so excited to hear the news of your business venture. It must be nice to work for yourself. Although, they will miss you in Rockford. My first time on your blog … hope you get the message. I’ve enjoyed your blog so far. Talk 2 U Soon.

    Mary H.

  5. ezieoh my god…oh my god…oh my god…this is WONDERFUL news!! GOOD for you!! Can’t wait to see what fab things you will be seeling!

    I miss you…I have been just so busy, but am taking a week off next week and plan on visiting some of my bloggy friends to say hello!

    AGAIN…BIG congrats! xoxox

  6. ps…I don’t have any have any idea what that “ezie” is in front of “oh”…big ole typo I guess!!

  7. OH MY…and I spelled “selling” wrong too….what on earth???

    maybe the wine? hehehehe…..

  8. I had a feeling your news was something about leaving your job. It just didn’t suit you (the haters hating everything and being negative) Now you will be around us all more and we are positive and cheerful…most of the time 😉

    Happy, Happy dance for you!!!!

  9. The freedom to be! Happiness be yours! Congratulations!!

  10. can I come too!!!!! Awesome Maryann! I am proud of you that you have done this for yourself and your family! I have the confidence that you will be the most passionate loving business owner! I am so happy for you I dont even know what to say! Cant WAIT to see you etsy shop! Sending lots of good wishes, with your love for things, you will do wonderfully……!

  11. Well Go YOU!!! Congrats on your new adventure! I hope it brings you much enjoyment! Being your own boss is great! 🙂

    I am so happy for you! 🙂


  12. yayyyyyyyyyyy, the witch is dead!!!!!! now you can follow the yellow brick road..yes…follow the yellow brick road… that will lead you to endless rainbows! so happy and proud of you!!!!!!!!!! xoxo looney

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