mixed media memoirs

yay, i’m finally current with my submissions for melba’s mmm. this week’s topic is, i know… it is a actually a continuation of the piece i did a couple of days ago for last week’s mmm, checking in… the stamped winged image is from that fab company, lost coast designs & the stamped crown image is from red lead. one of my dh’s fave quips is the handwriting is on the wall & just yesterday, he said to me, it’s time to fly…funny how things said in conversation turn up in my artwork, lol! btw, this will make more sense soon, i promise…let’s just say, it has to do with changes & leave it at that for now, ok? Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. Nice work darlin! giggling over here about how things said end up in our art! I know what you mean! My hubs fav sayings are “Boy Howdie” and “Phenominal” hes so silly! Gotta love our guys though hehe!

  2. so true…wow…it really is just meant to be…xoxo loon

  3. ok, where are we flying to?! no pressure, just in suspense thats all!!!!!!

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