self portrait challenge

enclosed spaces continues to be the theme for spc. my commute to & from work is LONG & tedious. so oftentimes i find myself contemplating my day, thinking about projects to complete, dreaming of living back in maine, what to have for dinner, whatever… sometimes the radio is playing, sometimes it isn’t. i find that when i really need to think through something or some problem, i leave the radio off. i get distracted & unfocused if it is turned on. on the otherhand, i blast the music if i’m tired & need the loud noise stimuli to keep me awake or to keep me company, ‘cuz it can be kinda lonely driving solo at times… as i journey on the road, i am lost in my thoughts, sometimes even consumed by them. but i must admit that some of my best creative ideas come while enclosed in my car. Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. I like to drive in my car when the children are a sleep and I can just think. I don’t like traffic. I feel claustophobic and get axious.

    I like this photo of you…makes me wonder what you are thinking about…

  2. Don’t get too lost in thought out there. Be careful. I know how it is though. Somehow, automatic pilot takes over. That can be a little scary sometimes.

    How did you get this photo? Such a good one.

  3. This is a cool picture. I like it because it’s showing the outside world moving while you’re sitting, safe and still while driving. It’s true.. some of my best ideas are also invented in the car too!

  4. I cant wait to see, I posted some newbies too!

  5. great way to capture time, space and you…life can be such a whirlwind and being by yourself to think can do the body, mind and soul good! xoxo looney

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