gi blues

yesterday i met my friend allison & went to this stamp & paper arts fest in the town where i work. neither of us had been to anything like this & we were both a bit overwhelmed by the throngs of (mostly) women milling about the place. also, we had never seen so much RUBBER in one place & the women clamoring for them! it was interesting to see the different displays & demos…one company caught my eye & interest>>>lost coast designs, they are a southern california based company.
i really liked their stamps the best out of all the vendors there. they had an impressive display/array of arty stamps. i could so do serious damage because it was TOUGH choosing, i wanted them all! but i went away with 2 unmounted stamps. thank goodness for websites bec. i will be a frequent customer, i think, buying their stuff piecemeal online! here are some stamps i brought home…some vendors ran convention specials, where you’d buy a certain amount of stamps & the last one free…i took advantage of a couple of those…some are for my personal stash & others i got in mind for the workshop i’ll be doing at melba’s justBe gathering in october ’07. after about 2 hours or so of oggling & fondling stamps, paper & other crafty products, we called it a day & decided to go for some lunch. we went to a local thai place. we had a delightful lunch (or so i thought)…when i got back into my car & drove home, i didn’t feel so hot. my belly was making all sorts of grumbly & odd noises & i suddenly felt sick. i made it home (barely) & promptly plopped into bed. i told joe i wasn’t feeling well & i took a nap. when i awoke, i still felt cruddy & had the chills. my eyes felt like they were going to cave in & my lips felt rubbery! i felt wicked hot as well. joe thought that it might of been something i ate…i tried to think…all i had was a couple of eggrolls, salad & this this chicken curry dish, kinda on the spicy side. joe told me to call allison & see how she felt. i did & she told me she felt fine all day. i took my temp & it was sorta high, 100 degrees! i took some motrin & joe told me to LIE down or else! well, i had just woken up from a long nap & i wasn’t sleepy, just weak & cruddy feeling…
i was bummed that i couldn’t play with all the new stamps that i got at the stamp convention… because i felt like crap & all… so i plopped on the bed in the guest room & popped a dvd in…a couple of our cats hopped onto the bed. & wouldn’t you believe that patches nestled her way in front of the dvd player?! it was as if she wanted to watch the show! too funny! joe really believed that the cat was actually watching the screen… well, look, she appears to be mesmerized by what she is seeing…too hilarious. anyway, i’m feeling much better now…i awoke this morning with all sorts of arty ideas.

i gotta go now & make it all happen {smile}! Posted by Picasa


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  1. That is so funny your kitty watching the tv. My sweet kitty does that too sometimes and my dog used to LOVE Teletubbies and that was before we had kids, he watched it with the little neighbor girl. I wish I had snapped pictures of them doing it.

    I hope you are feeling better. Sounds horrible.

  2. love this stamping company, the first one that I have seen that offers some of the ATC stuff…very very unique and beautiful…hope you are feeling better!

  3. Hope your feeling better darlin! Your cats are too funny!

  4. Love these photos! Too bad you didnt feel well and they were taken all because of that! 😦
    The stamps are really nifty! Looks like you had fun!
    I don’t ‘do Thai’…….. It’s evil! LOL

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