en vogue

is the name of this piece i created for artwords (monochromatic) & wednesday stamper (swirls)…either i’ve got project runway on the brain OR i’m thinking of my pal, angie wangie, who’s got dress forms on her brain, lol! it all started out with these paisley stamps (hero arts), which i’ve attempted to swirl around on white cardstock, & i then aged with ‘old paper’ distress ink (tim holtz)…& the rest is collaged scraps, ephemera & ribbons, all in the cream/sepia/black color scheme…you can check out other monochromatic pieces here & swirly pieces here. Posted by Picasa


10 Responses

  1. Great colage, I love it, looks fun!

  2. It’s beautiful! I has so much going on when looking at it you see new things all the time.

  3. ga-ga-gorgeoussssssssssssss!!!! how do you do it??? everything just blends so well and fits in every nook and cranny as if it were meant to be…simply gorgeous! xoxo looney 😉

  4. This is really beautyful, all the colors blend in so well, just my taste.

  5. That is really beautiful. Wish I had time to learn that.

  6. Stunning! It is busy with goodies!…just the way I like! 🙂 Great work darlin!

  7. gorgeous work!!!! I love your details!!!

  8. love this vintave look, so cute….I need to get more creative with my stamping….I have some little girls coming tomorrow, my ‘sweet memory’ friend and her god child (she doesnt have any children, but I include her godchild in everything)…I had made that basket for her when she came to visit last time and she never took it apart and her godchild wanted it….so she gave it to her and she wants to come and make cards with me, so tommorrow it is!

  9. very en vogue! love it

  10. Beautiful. It has a nice depth to it.

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