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is the suggested topic for inspire me thursday… as the imt staff take a break, we are to muse about a few things like why we create, what our fears are, what inspires us & so forth…it is really open to interpretation…

i was inspired to create something with this swirly pastel-y paper that i found at a local stamp store (crackerbox palace)…for some inexplicable reason i am drawn to the swirls & marblesque effect of the various paints & inks used on this paper.

i love the thoreau quote (which if you click on the image you will see better OR you can look to the top of my sidebar to the right & read the quote there) & wanted to use this rubber stamp that i had of it…those are words that ring true to me & i try to approach my life in that manner.

now i wondered what sort of text i should use & then what material…i looked around my studio & saw that i had a huge spool of green cotton thread. i wrote my words with clear glue & formed the thread onto the glue. it was sticky, but i think it came out all right. i thought that my text summed up my basic reason to create. i want to leave my mark on this world…to show that I was here & that i shared some tangible clues about myself to future generations. the crowned figure w/ the huge heart is supposed to represent creating to my heart’s desire…

now, my fears? well, i fear for the day that i can no longer create>>> to lose the ability to use my hands, my mind & my senses. this fear is what spurs me on>>>to keep creating until i can no longer.

& what inspires me? i am inspired by everything & everyone around me. you never know when a certain something or someone hits you & sparks that creative a-ha moment. inspiration is EVERYWHERE if only you were to look, listen & feel. Posted by Picasa


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  1. thank you for inspiring me today, I love what you have written here and I love the swirly picture…I received your package yesterday…I waited until my hubby came home before I opened it, and i was telling him, this is a person I met through blogging that shares the same passions I do, he was like a little kid watching me, it was so nice, thank you so much…I wanted to write about it sometime tonight/ has been hard to find time to post lately…going through some emotions I have to sort out…every thing you sent is so precious..thank you for sharing your stamps with me, they are lovely! the books, the dolly bag, the necklace, the bubbles….it was the best thing I have ever received in the mail! It reminds me of getting a care package in college…except my needs have changed..(no more mac and cheese, etc.)..this package was a me package all the way..thank you my dear friend….you sure share your beauty in all you do…shine on….

  2. beautiful babe, lovely colours, jude x

  3. oh so beautiful…what an inspiring piece ever!!! so creative by using your green spool of thread for those words…those words to simply live by and they truly have been etched in my heart…like sweet memories so eloquently stated: “you sure share your beauty in ALL YOU DO…SHINE ON!”

    sweet memories, you’ve touched me again with your very words here! i know how you feel…when you said you waited for your hubby to come home to open your sweet goodies from reya and he was sitting there “watching like a little kid,” i really felt both of your excitement… and your final words “my needs have changed” and “this package was a ‘me’ package,” how true, so true…isn’t it wonderful to know that someone truly cares?! hope you carry some of reya’s sunshine today and anytime it gets gloomy…xoxo looney

  4. I LOVE this and I too create to leave my legacy…

  5. Now I am starting to feel bad. Everyone has a method and a reason for their art.

    I just race past the rules and make a screetching stop at My Way! My Way!



  6. I love the quote…beautiful

    Ouissi x

  7. I like how whimsical this piece feels!

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