i received a little package of swap goodies of various paper scraps, images, ephemera, fibers & misc. vintage stuff…yay! this swap was started by nancy, which she sent to suzanne who sent it on to moi…& soon, i will send this back to nancy…wow, talk about making the coast-to-coast rounds! the goodies i took out of the swap box…
and the goodies that i’m putting back into the swap box (everything except for the baggie on the left…that’s the orginal stash)…

i just love participating in cool swaps such as nancy’s paper crafts swap…hey, nance, here comes your box! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. Imma ready!! hehe…sitting over here peeking in the bags…trying not to…I wanna wait til the goodies arrive…oh its so hard not to peek LOL
    Thanks for playing the goodie swap! 🙂

  2. What a great idea; such cool stuff!

  3. I have to start getting involved in swaps, Love sending packages, passing on things to others, and shopping! Most of all, it is so wonderful getting a package from someone who shares your deep love for creativity….wonderful! what swaps have you been involved in? I read about a card swap that I thought I would do…

  4. wow! how i wish i could play…one day, one day…such lucky individuals and neat goodies 😉 xoxo looney

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