enclosed spaces, no. 2

for self-portrait challenge this week, i thought about work as an enclosed space. when i go to the hospital where i work, i am immediately engulfed by the place & rarely do i step outside from there (& i work a 10 hour day!)…i am often running about what seems like a labyrinth (much like a lab rat trying so fervently to find the opening!) of a place, seeing patients…i make several “pit stops” at my work cubbie, mainly so i can catch my breath & regroup…

i’m looking just a bit too slap happy in this pic, lol! it was a wicked hectic day yesterday!
maybe because i knew that my day is coming to an end & can now hop on the elevator to make my great escape & journey on home. Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. On your blog you seem to be very fast…like you would talk fast. but on the phone you had a very soothing voice and I am sure that comes in handy in your job.

    I bet you smile all the time…even when you don’t feel like it. This is a good thing because smiling is good for you!

  2. look how pretty you are!!

  3. yahoooooo!!! isn’t it great when you’re finally out of the rat hole and into endless possibilities? xoxo looney

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