new art meme

the other day i was visiting my pal audrey’s blog & she mentioned this new art meme for stampers, called wednesday stamper.

how wicked cool as i am, if you hadn’t guessed it, a freak for STAMPS! not the postage kind (though i have started collecting and/or saving pretty postmarked postage stamps), but the kind that you dip into colored inks & poof, instant art!

i’m sort of pressed for time this week (i leave for st. louis for the weekend to visit a dear crafty friend of mine & my flight is this friday) & between work, commuting & packing (cuz i’ll be schlepping along some arty supplies on this trip there) & i just can’t fit in all the various challenges out there…WELL, i wanted to contribute something for wednesday stamper before i left town & fortunately for me, the topic is “face it!”>>>using a stamp that depicted some sort of face design/element…

i thought about this atc that i had made & posted a while back …in the interest of time, i thought i would share this with this stamp group… {i apologize for the repeat posting of this atc}…the stamped image is from a cool company called, non sequitur stamps…i hope that when i’m not so pressed for time i will be able to create new pieces…thanks for bearing with me!

now go check out other stamp art at wednesday stamperPosted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. Felled me well!

  2. fabulous beautiful atc, have a fab time… Jude x

  3. gorgeous!!!!!!!!! xoxo looney

  4. looks good!

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