enclosed spaces

this is the month-long theme for self-portrait challenge… i’m not really fond of tight spaces…but in the name of spc, i got in the hall closet (luckily it has a tall ceiling!) & nestled myself among the hangers & coats…it was totally dark in there…my heart started to pound a little bit too fast…getting sweaty… so i pushed away the hangers & hurried up & took this next snap…you wouldn’t know that i was getting freaked out in there…let me outta here!
i think next week, i’ll try something enclosed OUTDOORS! Posted by Picasa


9 Responses

  1. I’m not fond of tight spaces either. It was fun seeing a picture of you though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Neat pictures!!

  3. You are braver than I! I couldn’t close the door to a closet with myself inside! I’d freak! I am NOT good in enclosed spaces OR with heights,for that matter! I guess it’s good to embrace our fears but those 2 I’d just as soon NOT address than embrace!!!
    Love the pictures, though you said you were a tad frazzled, you can’t tell at ALL! You look completely content!

  4. The only reason I don’t like places like the closet is because I am convinced that all evil things (like spiders) lurk inside of them… If it were a monster I think I would be allright… but spiders on the other hand…

  5. hee-hee! great pic!!

  6. Hi there, you’re one craaaaaaazy girl!!! Jude x

  7. what a clean organized closet! I would love to hang out in there! great hangers, I need to organize my hallway coat (lunch box, backpack, shoe, etc etc) closet!

  8. good for you for getting in your closet and snapping away. your pics for spc this week and last were sweet!

  9. you have such a delightful way of showing us who you are, I enjoy knowing you and seeing all that your sow here, as soon as I return to France I will have ;ore ti;e to tell you and sharie our friendship, Thank you for being here, not in this closet, but in my heart!

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