all things vintage

i’ve been slacking on the coming up with the themes for friday’s finds…i apologize for my absent-mindedness…but hopefully, this will get us back on track…for this coming friday, august 11, i thought we could look for things that have that vintage {look}{style}{flair} about it/them…like this 1920s flapper tank top…i didn’t buy it, but i did take a snap of it because it was oh so pretty & sparkly & got me wondering who owned this, what did she look like, where did she wear it, how often did she wear it, etc., etc…

now, your find(s) doesn’t (don’t) necessarily have to be vintage clothing, unless it happens to be>>>it can be a toy, book, movie, tool, kitchen item, a piece of furniture, a news article, magazine clipping, old advertisment>>>whatever>>>just as long as you FOUND it/them! remember, that is the only requirement of our little group of treasure hunters {smile}…so go on. seek out those nifty vintage finds & be sure to show & tell for this week’s friday’s finds (8.11.06)! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. neat theme…will try to get out there and find vintage neat stuff…see you at friday finds! xoxo loon

  2. I want to find more time to recommitt! I need to ‘schedule’ time to participate! I have a few times in the past, but everytime I see you post about your finds, I want to play too! love this shirt!

  3. Oh! I can totally DO THIS this week!! I am so psyched! I can’t wait to upload on Friday!!!

  4. my goodness girl…I can’t keep up with you…I’ve been reading all of your posts and I’m just going to say that I LOVE EVERYTHING you’ve posted…just to sum it all up!

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