la vie en rose

(click on image to see larger view)
i’m simply mad about flowers, gardening, the whole nine yards!
& i love learning about the symbolic meanings of
various flowers, plants & herbs.
go here to learn some meanings…
this is my take on this week’s mixed media memoirs.
i digi-enhanced a snap i took of a yellow rose
& then made a collage out of it.
my passion for gardening stems from
the meaning of this
yellow rose.
c’est ma vie.
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3 Responses

  1. Beautiful work Mary Ann! It is gorgeous!
    Much love and hugs!

  2. love, love, love this mmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simply breathtaking…the words, the flower image, the fonts, the colors, the arrangement…just FABULICIOUS!!! if you have made these as pc, mother may i??? xoxo loon

  3. Flowers are a passion of mine too. I especially love Gerbera daisies and Yellow roses.
    Yellow roses for their vibrance and also because my husband and I met at a place called ‘The Yellow Rose’. I cannot imgaine living in a world with no flowers! I am constantly surrounded by them!
    This piece turned out so beautiful! Are you going to make these into cards? I am thinking that they’d sell very nicely!!!!!
    Love your style!

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