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last week, i was having (or rather, blogger was giving me) a devil of a time posting this for treasure tuesday…but hopefully this will work out this week for treasure tuesday

these are snaps of some wonderful gals i met early on in my speech therapy career…whenever i see these photos, a flood of fond memories come rushing in. you see, i was trained to work as a “hospital-based” therapist when i first started out. but after two years straight hospital work, i thought that there had to be more to speech therapy than swallowing problems & cranky, ill elderly people! so, i took a chance & signed on with a private practice which contracted out to various public schools in the area…i did not know what to expect, but i thought, speech therapy was speech therapy regardless of the setting… uh, no>>>school-based therapy is a WAY different world than medical setting, let me tell you!

i really was a newbie to the schools & the school district i was assigned to was joliet public schools (about 45 minutes from where i lived in chicago at the time)…i came to discover that the speech department there was HUGE & had quite a number of long-time & well experienced school therapists… i was, in a word, intimidated. i really did not have much in the way of therapy materials or lesson plans (except for some preschool toys & books from my grad school & internship days)…i thought whatever was i doing here! i went to parochial schools growing up & did not know the public school sub-culture…

well, my fears were unfounded because these gals welcomed me with open arms (i think they must have taken pity on me, looking bewildered at the prospect of handling two schools, grades kindergarten to 5th grade!)…they were so generous with their therapy materials, tips & tricks of the trade; they told me who’s who,what’s what, who was nice, easy-going & who were not…& boy did they like to socialize! we had monthly department meetings, almost always with some kind of food treat! & the circle of gals i pal-ed around with, well, we always met weekly (on fridays) for lunch…i learned so much those 2 years i was in jps…i will never forget the kindness & generosity that was shown to & showered upon me… here we are, the speech gals at one of our christmas parties…
to this day i still keep in touch with many of these lovely ladies…my experience there helped shaped me to be the kind of therapist i am today…
& what a thrill to have had a hand in assisting some children in need (& getting paid to have fun with them!)…yes, i treasure these pictures, the people in them & the memories that they evoke. how lucky am i to have these cherished mementos. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Good for you for getting your pictures posted! Blogger’s not letting me yet. That’s great that you have such dear friends in your life.

    I’ve posted a TT as well. Stop by and take a peek. 🙂

  2. Great story, and great pics!

  3. Just this morning I was going through a box of really old old photos and so many memories rushed back. I truly appreciate what a treasure these photos are to you.

  4. What a terrific treasure! I really treasure speech therapists – my daughter has been in intensive speech therapy since she was 2.

  5. Great post! I love all the pics! how awesome to be a speech Therapist!!!

  6. I love the photos, true treasures.

  7. What a sweet story and great memories!

  8. so much respect for you and your field…many of your colleagues have helped and continue to help us with our miracle babies and for that our lil’ ones surely have the chance to live life to the fullest because they are learning to communicate effectively and progressively develop confidence, good social interaction and positive communication skills…all because of speech patholigists like you who genuinely care for our children (and anyone who needs assistance!) you’re the best auntie, sister and speech therapist around…so lucky to have you in our lives and i’m sure those people you have touched in so many ways are truly grateful for your gift, your talent, your love…i know, i am…xoxo looney

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