strumming along to his song

this week’s challenge for inspire me thursday has to do with the non-visual art form of MUSIC (seems like this is a running theme lately with the various art groups i belong)…

i’ve created this collage (approx. 9″x12″) with scrap papers, digi-enhanced/manipulated photos (of hubby & some nieces & nephews), satin ribbon, fabric & paper stickers & paper alpha ephemera…

my hubby likes to play his guitar for sheer kicks…total amateur (though he ‘d probably beg to differ, lol!)…but as soon as he picks up that stringed instrument, the kids are HOOKED line & sinker>>> mesmerized & in awe of the MAGIC that their uncle joe is making…it’s amazing what the power of MUSIC can do>>>like suddenly stopping children, who are running amok, dead in their tracks. Posted by Picasa


6 Responses

  1. Bet they think he is the best uncle ever! This is a lovely collage.

  2. Wonderful collage!! Music is like magic…it affects us all in different ways! I will try putting on some music when the kids are getting out of hand and see if it changes the mood…I know they love to dance…so maybe a good dance session is in order lol

  3. Hi My darlin, hope youre good, just checking out everyone, love the pic its really brilliant, what a fabulous job youve done here, loads of love Jx

  4. This is a wonderful collage – and so personal. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this. I love your freestyling!

  6. absolutely cool! and yes, joe is one of the best uncles around…plus he plays a mean guitar…love the blues and the hilarious lyrics he makes up with all of the kiddies’ names… hey, he’s way better than vanilla ice…ice, ice baby!!! love the images, colors, the words…so cool ;D xoxo loon

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