the hills are alive

with the (studio) sounds of music…that is the topic for this week’s studio friday, created by the ever lovely tine sparkles

because my studio is located in the mechanical room of our basement, i almost always need to mask the miscellaneous (& at times rather cantankerous) noises of whirring mechanical whatsits & whatnots that co-exist in my space. i usually tune in to such soothing, calming sounds as these>>>
or my enya cds…though once in awhile i’ll rock out with those pop-y tunes of the day (now 20)…they help me get into a zen-like, meditative, zone state as i getting into some serious art making…
if i’m not in a cd mood, i always tune into my fave morning show, connie & fish…they are funny, silly & a bit on the raunchy side, always leaving me in stitches…

these studio sounds are necessary to get me into the creating groove…they help move me along to complete that special project or unique piece…& that is music to my ears! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. I remember all the sounds that come from being in the basement. Glad you have your music to mask them.

  2. Soothing sounds, sometimes I like to listen to them too.

  3. I get inspired by fav TV shows too – a great alternative to music!

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