merci beaucoups

thanks to everyone for all the b-day well-wishes & helping to make my milestone b-day a special one! i am deeply touched by all… thank you so much angie wangie for the FAB arty prezzie which i received yesterday exactly on my b-day (how did you ever time that so perfectly?)…love everything you sent, including your wonderful atcs…
a HUGE thanks to my dear friend & colleague, mary>>>she sent me this humongo prezzie filled with 40 presents! my niece isabel lugged this heavy box downstairs (i can’t believe that she did that!) & it took us a good 40 minutes to unwrap everything!!!! OMG mary, you were outta control with this>>>but i loved it all!
& a thousands thanks to my parents, dh & niece isabel & nephew nicky for helping to celebrate my day in a very special & low-key (just the way i like it) way! i feel tremendously blessed to have such lovely people in my life!

i am looking forward to seeing the rest of the clan & my father-in-law this weekend in chicago for more b-day celebrating! party on dude! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. So nice to see your smiling face! Glad you had a good birthday; you deserve it!

  2. wow, what a wonderful birthday….you have so many friends that know what you sweet….have a great weekend…Happy Birthday!

  3. Wowwie! How wonderful for you! So glad you had a great birthday!

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