friday’s finds

it’s friday & you know what that means? yep, it’s time for friday’s finds, where you can show & tell all about your fantastic find(s) for the week… while on vacation, i found this unassuming shoebox at an antique mall filled with tons of vintage valentines cards! these are from the 1930s & each were selling for 35 cents usd (wow!)…i scoured this little box & took 50 of these lovelies (& would you believe that there were still a ton more>>>i hardly made a dent!)…
so wonderfully delightful
to find these sweet little tokens of love.

so come on now, don’t be shy…let’s see what you got>>>either post a comment with your link OR of course, you can go to the official flickr group here. either way, we need to see what everyone’s been hoarding, i mean, collecting {smile}. Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. sweet! Love these cards! I love that period of time, wish we could take ourselves back to it! but with these beautiful posts, it sort of does take you back in time…beautiful!

  2. Those are so cool, I love them.

  3. Love them also Mary Ann these would make great collage sheets…. for V-DAY wink wink.

    love angie

  4. lucky score these are so sweet! cutness everywhere!!

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