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just some snaps i took of us up north…these are from my digi-cam…i took loads more from my 35mm cam & i just put several rolls of film to be developed at the local walmart…i was afraid to use my digi-cam because then i’d use up all my space on the chip & without computer to download the snaps…well, i fell back on my trusty ol’ canon!
we stayed at wicked cute cottage across the street from lake michigan in a quiet little hamlet called, bailey’s harbor, in the part of cheeseland known as door county… it’s a pennisula sprinkled with quaint little farming, fishing & boating communities…
when we were there, i kept seeing all these monarch butterflies EVERYWHERE! it was amazing to see them flitting about in & around flowers, the sky, trees…the collage of snaps above is some of main street bailey’s harbor, except for the center & middle right snaps, they are from another town called egg harbor.
here we are at the town marina at sunset…while joe was drooling over the BOATS, i was drooling over the incredible SUNSET…
which inspired me to paint this sunset scene i call, bailey on the rocks at dusk…i just loved the way the light hit the rocks.
(watercolor, 9″x12″)
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6 Responses

  1. hey, it’s good to see you back. I was having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing anything new on your blog. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    p.s. your watercolor turned out great.

  2. Welcome Back!

    Looks like yall had a good time. It looks like a wonderful place and the pictures are beautiful.

  3. It looks like such a beautiful area! I love all the lush green and beautiful flowers. Your photos are great!!
    I am glad to see you had some time to drink in the scenery and break out the paint! Your watercolour turned out GREAT! I love the colours and shadows on the rocks!

  4. Looks like your home & had a great time!! Great pics!! Send me on over your address & I will pop some copies of some different lettering your way!!

  5. Welcome back! What a beautiful place to visit. I’m glad to0 hear you had a nice time ;-}

  6. Beautiful painting and wonderful shots. what a wonderful place! Loads of love Jude x

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