in oder aus

that’s german for in or out…(i took some deutsch in college back in the day)…because of my long work schedule at the hospital, i don’t always have time to watch the telly…& on my days off, i tend to blog, create art/craft, garden or go antiquing, that i don’t watch much tv whatsoever!

HOWEVER, i am quite obsessed with project runway on the bravo channel>>>i made sure i watched the first episode of the season 3! i think it will be a good one…i love watching the designers create & go at it with the challenges…my dh does not get why i’m into that show bec. as he says, it’s full of bonkery people! i’m not really a fashionista…i just am fascinated & appreciative of the creative talent & process depicted on that weekly show…

when i saw the first season a couple of years ago, i was hooked! last season was so fun to watch & i’m so glad that chloe won, though i thought for sure daniel was going to win! anyway, i especially was hooked whenever the show’s hostess, heidi klum, kept saying that very 1st season, you’re either IN or you’re OUT in that german accented english of hers! that got me saying that phrase to our kittie cats, as they traisped in & out our back patio door! lol!

so every wednesday (thank goodness the cottage we rented up north has cable tv!), i’ll be tuning in & watching the designer drama unfold ( & perhaps get inspired along the way). auf wiedersehn und guten abend!


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  1. Hallo! Wie gehts?!
    Yet another thing in common, I also speak German. Too funny the things we have in common!
    (ab means ‘off’ though. “aus” is out)
    ‘In oder aus’ is what I think you meant. I have the language in my life on a regular basis so it always stays pretty fresh though.

    I have caught an episode or 2 of “Project Runway” but never have any scheduled TV time (Kids run me ragged!) so I can’t really get involved with anything usually. Though I do MAKE time or TAPE American Idol each season! 🙂 That’s my obsession!
    I agree with you about Project Runway though, I get sucked in with the desiging aspect and wonder what it would be like to be part of that world. I used to walk through the fashion district in NYC every day and I can tell you it’s absolutely amazing!
    My girls are already fighting and it’s only 7:41AM! I had better go assess the damage and get them some breakfast! HA!
    have a great day!
    ~ Tschuess
    XO ~Gabi

  2. Oh! ps – I’ll email you my addy 🙂 I almost forgot! Thank you!

  3. guten morgen gabi!

    thanks for the translation error!!! my deutsch is so rusty! lol!!!

    yes, we are kindred spirits!!!!

    🙂 mary ann

  4. AHHH! I have missed so much from you while taking a break from bloggy land!!

    I have read up on everything…and it sounds like you are having a great busy summer…(except for the sad news of your faher in law)…(HUGS)….but you seem busy and in good spirits and up to your usual crafty games!


  5. hi jes!!!!!

    i wondered where you had been off too!!!!!! thanks for giving me a shout out bec. i was missing hearing from you!!!! thanks for bopping by! we “mainer” gals have to stick together>>>lol!

    🙂 mary ann xo

  6. I’ll have to check this out! I love the way you talk…you are so funny….I don’t watch tv alot either but every once in a while I get obsessed with a show. one summer it was discovery channel medical intern show. can’t even remember the name. I got hooked while my hubby was away somewhere and I got “control” of the remote. a rare occasion. lol….anyhow, the only show I watch faithfully is House (and I admit to being an Amer.Idol addict..). but I will have to check this one out. talk soon. I don’t know what you said in that other language, but it’s all greek to me! lol…

  7. one more question….do you sleep girl? you are one busy sista! hope you have an awesome VACA and “see” you when you get back. hugs, Lia

  8. oh man, i missed it! project runway is a neat show but like gabi and lia…i’m also an American IDOL lover! i missed the very 1st AI with Kelly Clarkson (wish i could have seen that series…maybe i could buy it off the net somewhere…) but ever since i saw the 1st AI’s FINALE-i was hooked!!! was so happy that chloe won, she totally deserved it, i esp. heart her daisy dress she made. it was so flowy…anyway, thanks for the great reminder and enjoy the peacefulness and fresh air in your new adventures in Door County…xoxo looney

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