what works for me

is this week’s topic for mixed media memoirs, created by my pal melba
i created the background using the alcohol inking technique (that i so love), stamping with household bleach & writing with acrylic paints & sharpie markers. my response reads: listening to my heart, beating to my own drum & following my bliss. i truly believe that & strive to do so each day… particularly lately, with what all that has gone on in my personal & family lives lately… just today, my friend allison, who i hadn’t seen in weeks came up to go antiquing & junking with me, said, boy! a lot of stuff has happened since you left maine! as she began to enumerate all the crap that has occurred in the three years that we’ve been here, i couldn’t deny that she was oh so right! it seems it’s been one drama after the next in my family!!!! & it is though it is never ending. when will it end??? will it ever? i am seriously believing that we should not have ever left maine!

all i can do now, is to trudge on…hope & pray that things will work their selves out…

FYI>>>a heads up for my blogging pals:
joe & i had planned to go out west (yellowstone area) for some r & r, but now, in light of the father-in-law situation, we’re having to change plans & go somewhere closer to home ( in case some>>>knock on wood>>> emergency pops up)…we’ll be away from 7.15 to 23 or 24 (depends on how we feel)…we’ll be heading up north (door county area) & will be without COMPUTER = ZERO blogging!!!! i don’t know yet how i will cope, but it’s something we need to do to “detox” from what life has been dishing out to us lately…

am trying now to get as much bloggin’ stuff done before we leave on vacation…i am missing my visits with my bloggin’ pals/sistas already & i’m already not liking that i will be having major withdrawals…but i plan to do some painting & photo snapping while we are away…just giving you some notice in case you wonder what the hell has happened to me (lol)…

just so you know too, friday’s finds for next friday (7.21) will continue on flickr (& luckily, it’s not a theme week), so please, please post your lucky finds in flickr or blog about them in your individual sites ( i would ask my sis jo/looney to post something for me, but she does not have a blog>>>yet!)…

as for wysiwyg wednesday, i will post for this week’s & the next one won’t be until 7.26.06…i will be back, hopefully, for that…i will let y’all know otherwise if something should come up…

speaking of that, i better stop now & go to my next post for this week’s freebie giveaways! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. You are following your bliss! so good to share with you everyday.
    One day you will have to explain to me why you left Maine. It seems like you really miss it.

  2. I thing we all nedd to go computer free once in a while!!! Are all those cups yours? cool or what.

  3. Loving those tea cups!

  4. so pretty…love your words…so true to the heart! xoxo looney

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