thar she blows!

whales & the ocean…they are some of the things that fascinate & inspire awe in me. for my contribution to treasure tuesday, i share with you this book, an ocean world, by peter sis. it is a rather lovely book, with very few text & beautifully illustrated as you can see on its front cover, about a whale, born in captivity, that is set “free” into the wild, blue yonder…this is a perfect book for literate & pre-literate children (grown-ups) alike because it is mostly pictures…& each picture so simply depicted all speak volumes…words are superfluous.
& while we are on the subject of whales, i cannot tell you how thrilling it is to spot a whale>>>to hear the ship’s captain shout, “one o’clock, starboard side!” (or any other reference to clock hands’ position)…& especially when a whale is spotted “breeched” like in this photo (taken by a man named gary yountserman)…i have been on many whale-watching trips out of bar habor, maine…the memories of those trips (save for one, where not a one could be coaxed to surface) will be treasured for as long as i can (& i hope that is a long time!). Posted by Picasa


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  1. Ahh.. the Whale Watch trips!! I can remember a particular time that I went out with my grandfather and we left Kennebunk Port on a nice, breezy day in June or July. I remember it because I wasn’t thrilled at ALL to be going out to ‘greet’ such massive critters from this teeny-weeny boat! I am q so called ‘land-lover’ and don’t take well to being completely out of control of my own situation over any body of water ( yeah I’m a freak….) I have a weird fear, not of the water itself, but of the critters who call it home. I would NEVER swim with dolphins or even goldfish for that matter. Something about them creeps me to the max. Needless to say, I was not at ALL thrilled to be out on that teeny vessle floating next to a critter that was atleast twice the size of it and could, at it’s will, tip over the boat at the mere flip of it’s fin. I think I agreed to go on the trip because everyone else was busy? Or perhaps because my grandfather invited me and I could NEVER say no to him, he was my favourite person on Earth. I dunno, but I do know that the moment the captain stated that he saw a whale, I was down in lower level as far away from the side of the boat as possible. I remember sitting there, waiting umtil we pulled back into Kennebumk Port and felt that tell-tale ‘thud’ of the boat touching the dock. When I emerged from below, my grandfather was elated with the trip and the fact that he got some great pictures with his camera. (this was the early 80’s …camera’s pretty much STUNK back then) The photos of this are in my grandmother’s house in an album. I should go dig them out and scrapbook them.

  2. This book looks great! I may have to go hunt it down and share it with my son.

    I’ve posted a TT as well, it involves my new blog design. Stop by and take a peek. 🙂

  3. Absolutely fabulous photo of that whale!! Such wonderful memories for you and now for me.

  4. Great book! I love Peter Sis, but I’ve never seen that book before – beautiful.

  5. How absolutely wonderful. Here in Texas, we don’t get to see whales! I know, I need to get out more (snicker!)
    Anyway, I think we may go to the library today for a book about whales!

  6. I love yor treasure. I’ve never seen a whale in the ocean ( in real life).

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