suds & flip flops

while we were in chi-town, i managed to see my sisters (all 3 of them!) & their chit-lins…my sis looney (aka jo) happens to live 5 blocks away from my dad-in-law…it was great to be around my sisters & to see the kiddies…(i am, after all, the “favorite auntie”, lol)…

here are my niece, shioban, & nephew, ian, helping their dad (my bro-in-law) with washing the family wheels…they were too cute…i think they got more suds than the van! as my bro-in-law said, “hey, it’s a free bath!”…

yes, this visit was both bittersweet & refreshing…i guess that’s what being around family can do to you. Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. I especially love those flip flops!

  2. me too! the beaded ones look like heaven on the feet.

    you have such a cute family 🙂

  3. Memories like that are meant to be savored! All too often people forget to sit and savor the mundane everyday moments of life ( such as washing a car, pushing a child on a swing or catching a lightning bug!) ENJOY and remember these times! Thanks for sharing! Looney’s chit-lins are sooo cute!!!!!!
    XO Gabi

  4. What an honor to have the favorite Aunt title! Wonderful you!! Lucky them!!

  5. thanks so much everyone for the cute comments…and gabi wish my lil’ chit-lins were excited pickin up their millions of toys as much as they loved helpin’ dear ol’dad outside and gettin’ wet…oh to be 4 again…and yep, Reya is one of their FAVORITE AUNTIES who gives so much of her heart to them…we’re soooo lucky…kelly, love that phrase, “…like heaven on the feet…” xoxo loon

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