mixed media memoirs no.14

this season i will… is the topic for this week’s mmm
pauline will be happy to know that i have used some stuff from TARGET {yay!}: the technicolor cocktail napkin (x2) which i got from the clearance endcap & lovely summer stickers for the 1spot section! i lurve finding nifty stuff at your place pauline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the flip-flop is actually a painted woodpiece (not paper) that i got at michael’s dollar bin (gotta love those dollar bins!!!!!! it’s been ages since i’ve gone to an actual dollar store>>>why go there when you can go to target & michael’s?)…

anyhoo, my response as you can see is as follows:
renew, reflect,radiate, rock on, rejoice, recover, relax, rest, recreate, revel, recharge, reach out. i randomly picked out “R” (i don’t know why i chose that, i just did) & ran with thinking up as many words beginning with “r”… then i ran out of room. oh well, i think i hit the main points…

this is a milestone year for me…& i can hardly believe it (more about this in due time)…oh, where does the time go? Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. I love the colors of this!!!

    I love Target too. My husband use to work with Pauline at Target…that is how we know each other. He got promoted to another store that was over an hour away right when Maggie was born and it was too much for me. He was away from home too many hours so now he works for HomeGoods (which has 2 stores on the Cape)

    I miss him working for that first Target. It is about 30 minutes away and we (me and Ethan and Maggie in my belly) use to go visit him on his lunch break and we would stay for hours shopping. I can get lost in that store!
    Maybe oneday they will build a Target closer to our house and I can go more often!

  2. love your target finds, my favorite department..just a quick heads up, looks like the staionary department is starting to go clearance, I saw a few items starting to go yesterday!!! he he! the garden/seasonal started to go clearance too! uh oh! hope you have a truck!

  3. thanks melba!
    yay for target!!!!!!!!!!!
    & thanks pauline for the wicked heads up…i stopped by yesterday & noticed that the gardening stuff was on sale…waiting for the deeper discounts lol!

    too hilarious, i know!!!

    joe has an extended cargo work van!!!!!!!

    🙂 mary ann–>

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