a short meme

which i borrowed, okay pilfered, from tammy (that lucky gal who won this week’s wysiwyg wednesday)…thanks tammy>>>check out her cool blog!

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me – it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you. Ready go!


6 Responses

  1. Generous!!!!!!!

  2. ok, there is not just one word to describe such a wonderful sister as you…i’ve got to replicate what tanaya did in tammy’s blog but with my own twist and Webster Dictionary’s definitions:

    artistic (showing great artistic skill and artistry)
    beauteous (beautiful)
    compassionate (actively sympathetic concern for the suffering of another:mercy: understanding)
    daredevil (one who is daringly bold-fearlessly courageous)
    effulgent (shining brilliantly)
    faithful (supportive :loyal, worthy of trust or belief)
    genius (exceptional intellectual ability or creative power, a strong inclination or natural talent, a distinctive or prevailing spirit)
    heartthrob (tender emotion: a loved one:sweetheart)
    impressive (making a strong impression: striking)
    jack-of-all-trades (a person who is handy at many kinds of work)
    kindhearted (having or proceeding from a kind nature: warm-hearted, friendly or generous in nature)
    loyal (firm allegiance: faithful to a person, ideal or cause)
    magnanimous (noble of heart and mind)
    natural (existing in or produced by nature, not acquired: innate)
    oomph (boundless energy or enthusiasm)
    playful (full of high spirits:lively; full of humor: jocular: childlike)
    quality (essential character: nature: an inherent or distinguishing attribute: a character trait: degree or grade of excellence: high social standing)
    reliable (capable of being relied upon: dependable)
    sagest (wise:judicious)
    terrific (causing awe or amazement)
    unforgettable (extremely memorable)
    valuable (of great importance or use)
    wonderlust (a strong, persistent urge to travel)
    xanadu (pleasure seeking, land of dreams)
    youthful (having the freshness and energy typical of the young: vigorous)
    zealous (filled with, marked by, or motivated by zeal-enthusiastic and intensive interest, as in a cause or ideal: ardor-warmth of emotion: passion)

    xoxo looney


  4. Sorry I don’t know how to paste and watever, but I’d discribe you as wacky. That’s in a good way of course, it was the first thing that came into my head. Wacky as in you have a thought and 10 seconds later you’ve made it!

  5. Creative!! 🙂 (and generous as I was the recipient of your giveaway! and because I can’t follow the rules!)

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